Birthstone Necklace - Swirl - Mother's Day, Birthday!

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An elegant and simple necklace designed for Moms, Grandmas, Sisters and Aunties too! and you  A hammered sterling silver swirl is the accent for this birthstone necklace!  You get to choose the colors for this Birthstone Necklace! The necklace is approximate 18" and the swirl and tail dangle an additional 2" (approx.)  The base price for the necklace is $28.  Additional birthstone dangles are $1 each.  


Your initial order is just letting me know what birthstones you'd like added to the necklace.  Click "Add to Cart"; when you are taken to the next screen, you'll see a box near the left side where you can put special instructions letting me know what birthstones you want added to the necklace.  Please place all of the information requested in that box. You don't pay anything yet.  I'll create a special item in the Private Sale collection under SHOP!  It will have your name on it.  I'll message or email you that the item is there and you can then pay for your necklace.  

Here's the info I need from you!

1.  Choose the birthstone for the person who will be wearing the necklace (this is the crystal that is above the swirl).  Please put your answer in this format:  8mm/February.

2.  What birthstone dangle do you want for each child/grandchild?  Please put your answer in this format:  1/May; 2/November, 3/April, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at or Private Message me on Facebook.  This is more complicated than I'd like it to be so thanks for your patience!

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